Bathtub Refinishing Pros and Cons

Bathub restoration may be something that everyone gets involved in. Bathtub resurfacing is redoing a bathtub surface. Bathtubs can crack or chip on shipment and may need refinishing. Of course if you have the option to send it back do so. However, most people will tend to have older tubs refinished, and those who have aged over time may need it. Those who wish to get these tubs refinished can opt to use professionals who have a great deal of experience refinishing tubs for the best results. Individuals who are involved in bathtub refinishing typically repair chips or cracks using bondo.

Bathtub RefinishingThey may use another polyester resin or putty as well. After the repairs are made to the tubs in question, generally a form of acid etching is employed. After this process is used usually a primer coat is applied to the tub in question, along with a top coat. Some of the bathtubs are very strong after this process, and may not have the strength or durability of the original tub. Coatings that can be used to resurface the tub include epoxies, urethanes or polymers. These coatings can be bushed, sprayed or maybe rolled on.

Bath tub kits for refinishing can be purchased as a do it yourself kit from a hardware store, but it is generally recommended to have experts apply these coatings as they know what to do, and how to properly ventilate the tub and the fumes. Professional services such as that offer bathtub restoration can usually give individuals the results they desire, and offer a very professional glaze on the tubs. A variety of tub types can be refinished including cast iron, porcelain, marble acrylic and others. Compare companies and get multiple estimates until you have the refinishing or reglazing experts you are happy with. These tubs are worth salvaging and you can get lots of pros that can make your tub as good as new.